Biodata Asuka (Wrestler) Agama Affair, Biografi Profil Lengkap

Biodata Asuka (Wrestler) Agama Affair, Biografi Profil Lengkap

Asuka profile

Nama Lengkap Kanako Urai
Nama Panggilan The Empress of Tomorrow
Pekerjaan Pekerjaan al Wrestler
Ukuran Bentuk Badan Profil Lengkap
Billed Tinggi Badan dalam centimeter - 168 cm
dalam meter - 1.68 m
dalam Feet Inci - 5’ 6"
Billed Berat Badan dalam Kilogram - 54 kg
dalam Pound - 119 lbs
Figure Measurements (approx.)36-32-36
Warna Mata Brown
Warna Rambut Black (usually sports dyed red/orange color while wrestling)
WWE DebutNXT (in-ring): October 7, 2015
RAW (Main Roster): September 18, 2017
Slam/Finishing movesAsuka Lock
Asuka Lock Finisher

Spin Kick
Asuka Spin Kick finisher
Titles Won/Achievements1-time NXT Women's Champion, with a reign lasting 523 days, the longest undefeated streak in WWE history
Kehidupan Pribadi
Tanggal Lahir26 September 1981
Umur (di Tahun 2017)36 Years
Tempat LahirOsaka, Japan
Bintang ZodiakLibra
Alamat Tempat TinggalOsaka, Japan
PendidikanTidak Diketahui
Perguruan TinggiOsaka University of Arts Junior Perguruan Tinggi
Kualifikasi PendidikanTidak Diketahui
KeluargaAyah - Name Tidak Diketahui
Ibu - Name Tidak Diketahui
Saudara Laki laki - Tidak Diketahui
Saudara Perempuan - Tidak Diketahui
Agama Tidak Diketahui
HobiPlaying video games, listening to rock music
Favorite Things
Favorite WrestlersMinoru Suzuki, Antonio Inoki, The Great Muta, Yoshiaki Fujiwara, Triple H
Boys, Keluarga Profil Lengkap
Status PernikahanTidak Diketahui
PacarTidak Diketahui
Suami / PasanganTidak Diketahui

Asuka wrestler

Profil dan Biodata Asuka

  • WWE ring names usually do not have any literal meaning and are often coined to suit the personality/gimmick portrayed by a wrestler. However, in this case, the Japanese name Asuka has a meaning associated with it. While ‘Asu’ stands for ‘to fly’, ‘Ka’ refers to the English word ‘bird’. Hence, Asuka more-or-less means to be on a “higher plane.” Notably, Asuka, a 100-year period that began from the 6th century in ancient Japan, is often credited for the major developments in Japan’s culture and architecture.
  • Interestingly, before stepping foot inside the world of pro-wrestling, she was a freelance graphic designer
  • Most of the WWE fans may not know that Kanako Urai made her in-ring debut in 2004, under the moniker Kana, on an all-female not-so-popular Japanese wrestling promotion named AtoZ.
  • Just 18 months after making her debut, Kana announced her retirement from the squared ring citing chronic nephritis. The disease, in case you aren’t aware, is an inflammation of the kidneys caused by various infections and toxins.
  • She, however, could not stay away from the profession and came out of retirement within a year’s span.
  • Before stepping foot inside the world of pro-wrestling, Asuka used to work as a freelance graphic designer. Interestingly, she was one of the team members who designed the graphics for the Nintendo DS, a popular handheld gaming console.
  • She also runs a hair salon named ‘Another Heaven’ in the Japanese city of Yokohama.
  • Asuka even has 4 Gravure DVDs to her name. Notably, Gravure is a mix of softcore glamour photography and video. In fact, former WWE superstar Tajiri also features in one of the videos, though in a wrestling-oriented role.
  • Aside from being a wrestler, graphic designer, businesswoman, and model, Asuka is an occasional video game journalist. She reportedly writes articles for the XBOX 360 magazine. In an interview, she revealed that at one point, she owned over 3000 gaming-related objects (consoles, CDs, DVDs, etc.).
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Biodata Asuka (Wrestler) Agama Affair, Biografi Profil Lengkap

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