Biodata Robert De Niro Height, Weight, Istri, Agama Biografi Profil Lengkap

Biodata Robert De Niro Height, Weight, Istri, Agama Biografi Profil Lengkap


BiodataHouseA 78-acre (32 ha) estate in Gardiner, New York.
Nama Lengkap Robert Anthony De Niro
Nama Panggilan Bobby
Pekerjaan Actor
Voice Actor
Famous RolesOnce Upon a Time in America (1984)
Brazil (1985)
The Untouchables (1987)
Backdraft (1991)
Mary Shelley's Frankenstein (1994)
Heat (1995)
Casino (1995)
Jackie Brown (1997)
Machete (2010)
Ukuran Bentuk Badan Profil Lengkap
Tinggi Badan dalam centimeter - 175 cm
dalam meter - 1.75 m
dalam Feet Inci - 5'9"
Berat Badan dalam Kilogram -75 kg
dalam Pound - 175 lbs
Ukuran Badan Dada : 43 Inches
Pinggang : 32 Inches
Lengan : 15 Inches
Warna Mata Dark Brown
Warna Rambut Salt and Pepper
Kehidupan Pribadi
Tanggal LahirAugust 17, 1943
Umur (di Tahun 2016)72 Years
Tempat LahirManhattan, New York, U.S.
Bintang ZodiakLeo
Alamat Tempat TinggalGreenwich Village
PendidikanPS41 (Elementary public school)
Elisabeth Irwin High School
Little Red School House
High School of Music and Art
McBurney School
Rhodes Preparatory Pendidikan
College/InstitutionStella Adler Conservatory
Lee Strasberg's Actors Studio
Debut Three Rooms in Manhattan
KeluargaAyah - Robert De Niro Sr.(Abstract expressionist painter and sculptor)
Ibu - Virginia Admiral (painter and poet)
Saudara Laki laki -
Agama Agnostic
EthnicityItalian, half Irish descent, mother - half German ancestry, with her other roots being Dutch, English, French, and Irish.
Fan Mail Alamat Tempat TinggalRobert De Niro
Tribeca Entertainment
375 Greenwich Street
New York, NY 10013
Favorite ActorMontgomery Clift, Robert Mitchum and Marlon Brando
Major KontroversiIn February 1998, De Niro was questioned if he was involved in a prostitution racket. De Niro denied the accusation and said that he would never come back to France. Although he did come to France for shooting a movie and also was the member of "2011 Cannes Film Festival".

There have been legal issues over his property in Gardiner, New York. His trust had appealed to lower the tax payment ($6 million) and challenged the decision in Supreme Court, which they won. The local residents that were earlier sympathetic of DeNiro, started collecting money on personal level to defend the state as it was already short on funds to run the estates.
Hubungan Pasangan Pacar Istri
Status PernikahanMenikah
PacarKaren Duffy

Tatiana Thumbtzen
Cindy Crawford
Moana Pozzi
Naomi Campbell(1971-1974)
Naomi and Robert
Leigh Taylor-Young (1971-1974)
Leigh_Taylor_Young and rob
Carole Mallory (1975)
Diahnne Abbott(1976-1988)
Dianne and De Niro
Helena Springs (1979-1982)
helena-springs and robert
Bette Midler (1979)
bette_midler with de niro
Barbara Carrerea (1979)
barbara n niro
Veronica Webb (1990)
veronica-webb-dating bobby
Toukie Smith (1990-1993)
toukie and robert
Uma Thurman (1993)
Uma Thurman and De Niro
Charmaine Sinclair (1993-1995)
sinclaire and robert
Dominique Simone (1995)
Ashley Judd (1995)
ashley judd
Grace Hightower (1996)
robert and hightower
Istri / PasanganDiahnne Abbott (m. 1976; div. 1988)
Grace Hightower (m. 1997)
Anak-anakPutra - Raphel De Niro (Former Actor. Works in Real Estate now)
Putri - Drena De Niro (Adopted, From first wife)
Putra - Elliot Deniro (Was diagnosed with Autism first)
Putra - Aaron Kendrick
Putra - Julian Henry De Niro
Putri - Helena De Niro

Helena, Aaron and Julian are his twin sons who were conceived by in vitro fertilization from a surrogate mother.
Current Relationship StatusMenikah to Grace Hightowers
hightower and robert de niro
Net Worth$200 million


Profil dan Biodata Robert De Niro

  • Apakah Robert De Niro merokok? Yes
  • Apakah Robert De Niro drink? Yes
  • Robert De Niro has starred in over 100 films.
  • He won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for playing the young  Vito Corleone in The Godfather Part II.
  • He won an Academy Award for Best Actor for his character Jake La Motta in the movie Ranging Bull.
  • He has received two awards for his brilliant journey in Hollywood. He was honored with AFI Life Achievement Award in 2003 and the  Golden Globe Cecil B. DeMille Awardin 2010.
  • His parents divorced when he was three years old because his father revealed that he was gay.  He was raised by his mother and his father lived within walking distance, so Robert was not deprived of his company too much.
  • Robert was baptized against the will of his parents. His grandparents secretly took him to the Church while he was staying with them.
  • He acted in a drama where he played the Cowardly Lion in The Wizard of Oz. This not only helped him to get rid of his shyness but he was also fixated by cinema. He dropped out of school at 16 to pursue acting.
  • De Niro was the first person to win an Academy Award when he was mostly speaking a foreign language in the role. For his role in The Godfather, he spoke multiple Sicilian dialects. Marlon Brando was also one of the achievers in the same kind of category.
  • De Niro had traveled his journey from an actor to a jury in 1987. He was part of the jury at  15th Moscow International Film Festival.
  • He was honored at the 20th Moscow International Film Festival in 1997 for his contribution to cinema.
  • The director of the movie Elia Kazan is all praises for Robert De Niro. He noticed on the sets of The Last Tycoon that he is meticulous and precise. He judges the roles inside out and is very imaginative. He also that he was the only one who would visit the scenes on a Sunday when everyone else was playing Tennis.
  • Robert De Niro’s method of acting is “method acting” actually. He is very committed to his characters and does the best to bring out the best in himself and others.
  • He gained 27 kg (60 lb) for his character Jake Lamotta in Raging bull and also learned boxing. For the movie Cape Fear he ground his teeth and lived in Sicily for The Godfather Part II. Worked as a cab driver for Taxi Driver.
  • He emphasized on his character so much that Jerry Lewis actually got furious and forgot that there are cameras and came at De Niro’ s throat.
  • De Niro is a strong supporter of the Democratic Party.
  • After the 9/11 attacks, Robert De Niro started the Tribeca Film Festival to revitalize the lower Manhattan area.
  • Robert De Niro is supporting the anti-vaccination movement for the people who suffer from the effects of vaccines. They also included Andrew Wakefield movie Vaxxed in the 2016 Tribeca Film Festival which was removed earlier due to pressure from the festival filmmakers.
  • De Niro was the last man to see the comedian John Belushi alive when he visited him in a hotel at 3 AM and found him intoxicated with heroin and cocaine.
  • Robert was diagnosed with prostate cancer and  he underwent surgery at the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in December 2003.
  • Robert De Niro and Shawn Pen share the same birthday.
  • He and director Martin Scorsese lived only a few blocks away from each other but they did not meet each other until later.
  • He co-owns the celebrity favorite restaurants Nobu and Tribeca Grill. 
  • He made-up the famous scene of Bickle, which originally was just a quiet glaring the mirror scene.
  • Robert De Niro was chosen out of a long list of actors who auditioned for the role of Vito Corleone. The list goes like – Ernest Borgnine, Edward G. Robinson, Orson Welles, Danny Thomas, Richard Conte, Anthony Quinn, and George C. Scott.
  • In the movie Heat, the famous face-off scene between De Niro and Pacino was not rehearsed on Robert’s suggestion, to make their unfamiliarity seem genuine.
  • De Niro performed a lot of scenes of the movie “The Deer Hunter” by himself.
  • In the movie The Deer Hunter, when Christopher Walker spits in his face during The Russian Roulette scene, his reaction was real, because he wasn’t aware that it was part of the script.
  • Robert broke one of Joe Pepsci’s ribs in the sparring scene in Raging Bull.
  • De Niro was part of the impeccable director Sergio Leone’s last movie Once Upon a Time in America.

Biodata Robert De Niro Height, Weight, Istri, Agama Biografi Profil Lengkap