Biodata Sanjay Khan Agama Istri, Anak, Biografi Profil Lengkap

Biodata Sanjay Khan Agama Istri, Anak, Biografi Profil Lengkap

Sanjay Khan Profile

Nama Lengkap Abbas Khan
Pekerjaan Actor, producer, director
Ukuran Bentuk Badan Profil Lengkap
Tinggi Badan dalam centimeter - 180 cm
dalam meter - 1.80 m
dalam Feet Inci - 5' 11"
Berat Badan dalam Kilogram - 85 kg
dalam Pound - 187 lbs
Warna Mata Dark brown
Warna Rambut Salt and pepper (Dyed black)
Kehidupan Pribadi
Tanggal Lahir3 January 1941
Umur (di Tahun 2017)76 Years
Tempat LahirBangalore, India
Bintang ZodiakCapricorn
Alamat Tempat TinggalBanglore, India
PendidikanBishop Cotton Boys' School, Banglore, India
Bangalore, St. Germain High School, Bangalore
Perguruan TinggiDid not attend
Kualifikasi PendidikanHigh school graduate
DebutFilm: Dosti (1964)
Dosti movie 1964

Producer & Director: Chandi Sona (1977)
Chandi Sona Film
Script writer: Kala Dhanda Goray Log (1986)
Kala Dhanda Goray Log (1986)
KeluargaAyah - Sadiq Ali Khan (Businessman)
Ibu - Fatima
Brothers- Feroz Khan (Actor)
Feroz Khan
Akbar Khan (Actor)
Akbar Khan
Sameer Khan, Shahrukh Shah Ali Khan
Sisters- Dilshad Bibi, Khurshid Shahnavar
Agama Islam
HobiHorse riding, reading, collecting cars and travelling
KontroversiSanjay Khan is said to have severely beaten Zeenat Aman when she appeared at his private party to discuss the dates for his film 'Abdullah'. Allegedly Sanjay Khan was having an extra marital affair with Zeenat Aman so he could not tolerate her presence at the party as his family was also there. Nobody out of the guests present at the party came to her rescue and she was admitted to the hospital for eight days.
Hal hal Kesukaan dan Favorit
Aktor FavoritRaj Kapoor
Hubungan Pasangan Pacar Istri
Status PernikahanMenikah
PacarZeenat Aman
Zeenat Aman
Istri / PasanganZarine Katrak (1964 –present)
Sanjay Khan with Wife Zarine Khan
Zeenat Aman (Rumoured; 1980-1981)
Tanggal MenikahApril 16 1966
Anak-anakPutra - Zayed Khan
Zayed Khan
Daughters- Susanne Khan, Farah Khan and Simone Khan
Sussanne, Farah, and Simone

Sanjay Khan_

Profil dan Biodata Sanjay Khan

  • Apakah Sanjay Khan merokok?: Yes
  • Apakah Sanjay Khan minum alkohol?: Yes
  • Sanjay Khan’s father was very strict, so he was not allowed to watch films. The first film which he watched with the help of his servant was ‘Awara’ (1951 ) after which he became a huge Raj Kapoor fan.
  • Since Sanjay Khan was more inclined towards direction than acting, he acted in only 30 films in his 20-year-long career.
  • Sanjay Khan proposed to his wife Zarine Katrak at the age of 18, in fact, Zarine Khan was only 12 when he proposed to her. They came into a relationship after a year and dated each other for a long time before getting married.
  • Actress Mala Sinha had proposed to him, but he refused the proposal as he was already in a relationship with Zarine Katrak.
  • Sanjay Khan was involved in an extra marital affair with Zeenat Aman. Rumors had it that both had secretly got married on the sets of ‘Abdullah’ (1980 ).
  • He is very passionate about sports cars and most of his cars are imported.
  • Sanjay Khan met with a horrifying accident on the sets of ‘The Sword of Tipu Sultan’ (8 February 1990) when the studio caught fire. He had got 62% burn injuries and was in a coma for two months. He was hospitalized for 18 months while he went through 72 surgeries.
  • Sanjay Khan previously owned the five-star deluxe Golden Palms Hotel and Spa in Bangalore.
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Biodata Sanjay Khan Agama Istri, Anak, Biografi Profil Lengkap