Biodata Peter Dinklage Agama Istri, Biografi Profil Lengkap

Biodata Peter Dinklage Agama Istri, Biografi Profil Lengkap


Nama Lengkap Peter Dinklage
Nama Panggilan Predictable (School name)
Pekerjaan Actor
Famous RoleTyrion Lannister in Game Of Thrones
Ukuran Bentuk Badan Profil Lengkap
Tinggi Badan dalam centimeter - 135 cm
dalam meter - 1.35 m
dalam Feet Inci - 4'5"
Berat Badan dalam Kilogram - 50 kg
dalam Pound - 110 lbs
Ukuran Badan Dada : Not known
Pinggang : Not known
Lengan : Not known
Warna Mata Green
Warna Rambut Light Brown
Kehidupan Pribadi
Tanggal Lahir11 June 1969
Umur (di Tahun 2017)48 Years
Tempat LahirMorristown, New Jersey, USA
Bintang ZodiakGemini
Alamat Tempat TinggalMorristown, New Jersey
PendidikanDelbarton School (a Catholic prep school for boys)
Perguruan TinggiBennington College (1991)
Kualifikasi PendidikansGraduate in Drama
DebutFilm Debut - Living in Oblivion (1995)
KeluargaAyah - John Carl Dinklage (a retired insurance salesman)
Ibu - Diane Dinklage, (an elementary school music teacher)
Saudara Laki laki - Jonathan Dinklage (Violinist)
Dinklage double date

Saudara Perempuan - N/A
Agama Lapsed Catholic
Fan Mail Alamat Tempat TinggalPeter Dinklage
Insight Entertainment
5358 Melrose Avenue
Suite 200W
Los Angeles, CA 90038
Major KontroversiHe was removed from the voice-role of "Ghost" from the video game Destiny as it was perceived to be 'boring'.
Hubungan Pasangan Pacar Istri
Status PernikahanMenikah
PacarTidak Diketahui
Istri / PasanganErica Schmidt (A theater director)
Peter Dinklage with his wife. Cute
Anak-anakPutri - Zelig
Peter Dinklage with his daughter Zelig
Current Relationship StatusErica Schmidt
Net Worth$10 million

Standing Tall on Mountain of Soul

Profil dan Biodata Peter Dinklage

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  • Apakah Peter Dinklage minum alkohol?: Tidak Diketahui
  • Peter Dinklage experienced success quite early in his life for a fifth grade production The Velveteen Rabbit.  “When you get your first solo bow, that feels pretty good,” he explained to People magazine.
  • When Peter Dinklage lived in Brooklyn after college, he admits that it was terrible and one day his friend came in and said that “your bathroom smells like an abandoned summer camp”
  • Also, there was no heat in the place and they had put on plastic sheets on the windows. In fact he had to get a cat to take care of the mice and unwillingly got stuck with the cat as his friend didn’t take it with him.
  • He has a great sense of humor.
  • Peter won an Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series in 2011 and 2015 and a Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actor in a Series, Miniseries or Television Film.
  • He lived next to Bruce Springsteen’s when he was a kid. Bruce would come around a lot and play guitar and practice.
  • He used to be in a “punk-funk-rap band” called Whizzy. He sings fine and just did a funny song with Coldplay  summing up Game of Thrones’ story. He has a scar starting from his neck to his face, which he got on stage with Whizzy. Substantial
  • He dissed Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie at the Golden Globe Award function as they were on his way while he was walking up to the stage. The couple expected that he would stop but he just passed them by. He didn’t see them, he explained later.
  • He had to go through a rough patch in his life when he was young because of his condition achondroplasia. As an adolescent, I was bitter and angry, and I definitely put up these walls,” he told MSNBC. “But the older you get, you realize you just have to have a sense of humor. You just know that it’s not your problem. It’s theirs.”
  • Dinklage descends from German, English and Irish genes, and is related to the Westphalian noble German family “Von Dincklage.”
  • George R.R. always was sure of casting Peter Dinklage for the role Tyrion Lannister. So sure that HBO didn’t even audition him before offering the role.
  • Dinklage  knew Lena Headey even before he started working in Game of Thrones and he was the one who suggested her name for the role. Lena Headey
  • He is a vegetarian. In a video supporting PETA, he said “I like animals. All animals. I wouldn’t hurt a cat or a dog or a chicken, or a cow. And I wouldn’t ask someone else to hurt them for me. That’s why I’m a vegetarian.”
  • He is an active activist against experimentation on animals.
  • He turned down number of ridiculous roles that would just be making his height the center of all the jokes or funny scenes. He said “You can say no, you can not be the object of ridicule”.
  • He used his Golden Globe award speech to bring attention to the ruthless behavior of people towards dwarfs. He highlighted an incidence where a 37 year old man who had to use the wheelchair and crutches after he was thrown in the air by an idiot.. a patron they say.. baah!
  • His daughter’s name is not Zelig and he actually doesn’t care to change it on Wikipedia.
  • He is the only American on Game of Thrones cast.
  • His Wax Figure has been established in the Madame Tussauds’ museum. Peter Dinklage Wax Twin


Biodata Peter Dinklage Agama Istri, Biografi Profil Lengkap