Biodata Ryan Lochte Agama Biografi, Wife Profil Lengkap

Biodata Ryan Lochte Agama Biografi, Wife Profil Lengkap


Nama Lengkap Ryan Steven Lochte
Nama Panggilan "Reezy", "The Lochtenator"
Pekerjaan Competitive Swimmer
Ukuran Bentuk Badan Profil Lengkap
Tinggi Badan dalam centimeter - 188 cm
dalam meter - 1.88 m
dalam Feet Inci - 6’ 2”
Berat Badan dalam Kilogram - 88 kg
dalam Pound - 194 lbs
Ukuran Badan (approx.) Dada : 46 Inches
Pinggang : 34 Inches
Lengan : 16 Inches
Warna Mata Blue
Warna Rambut Light brown
International DebutOlympics (2004)
Coach/MentorGregg Troy
Matt DeLancey
Bob Bowman
David Marsh
StrokesBack Stroke, Freestyle, Butterfly and Medley
ClubSwimMAC Carolina
Records (main ones)WORLD RECORDS:

• 200 m individual medley (1:54.00) in the 2011 World Championships.
• 200 m individual medley (1:49.63) in the 2012 SC World Championships.
• 400 m individual medley (3:55.50) in the 2010 SC World Championships.


• 200 m backstroke (1:52.96) in 2011 World Championships.
• 100 m individual medley(50.71) in 2012 SC World Championships.
• 100 m backstroke (49.99) in 2006 SC World Championships.
• 200 m backstroke (1:46.68) in 2010 SC World Championships. (American Record too.)
Career Turning PointWinning the 'Gold Medal' at the 2004 Olympics, competing against Phelps, Klete Keller, and Peter Vanderkaay.
Kehidupan Pribadi
Tanggal LahirAugust 3, 1984
Umur (di Tahun 2016)31 Years
Tempat LahirRochester, New York
Bintang ZodiakLeo
Alamat Tempat TinggalFlorida
PendidikanTidak Diketahui
Perguruan TinggiUniversity of Florida (2007)
Kualifikasi PendidikansBachelor's degree, majoring in Sports Management.
KeluargaAyah - Steven R. Lochte
Ibu - Ileana "Ike" (née Aramburu)
Saudara Laki laki - Kristin, and Megan
Sisters- Devon, and Brandon
Lochte family
'Ike', center, and Steve Lochte, center left and sisters Kristin, far left, and Megan, far right, swam in college. Brandon, blurred, the youngest of the family, prefers basketball. Ryan is pictured on the right of Brandon and Devon on the left.
Agama Non-Religious
EthnicitySpanish, German, Dutch and Basque.
HobiPlaying Basketball, Surfing and Skateboarding
Kontroversi• Ryan had to take off his diamond encrusted tooth grill to receive his gold medal.

• Lochte was involved in the heated up affair, when a rule of underwater turn was changed by the FINA. He said its 'ridiculous' and disappointing. He was the fastest underwater and it might prove to be a disadvantage to him.
Hal hal Kesukaan dan Favorit
Favourite TV showThe Simpsons, Entourage
Favourite MusicLil Wayne
Favourite Song"Sky is the Limit" by Lil Wayne
Favourite ColorGreen
Makanan kesukaanPizza
Artis FavoritAngelina Jolie
Favourite PoolUniversity of Florida
Tempat FavoritFiji
Girls, Keluarga Profil Lengkap
Status PernikahanN/A
Sexual Orientation Straight
PacarKayla Rae Reid (Playboy Model)
Kayla and Ryan like to make kissing faces
Amanda Sauer (Teacher and a soccer coach)
Rayan Lochte on a date with his ex-gf Amanda Sauer

Fiancee N/A
Anak-anakPutri - N/A
Putra - N/A
CarsBarbus G63, Range Rover, Bentley Continental GP, Audi.
Salary$30,000 per year (2012)
Kekayaan bersih$3 million

Ryan Lochte doing what he does the best

Profil dan Biodata Ryan Lochte

  • Apakah Ryan Lochte merokok?: Not known
  • Apakah Ryan Lochte minum alkohol?: Yes
  • Ryan has won 11 medals in Olympics, out of which five were gold, 3 silver and 3 bronze.
  • He holds a world record with the team for doing 4×200-meter freestyle relay (long course) and some individual world records for the 100-meter individual medley, 200-meter individual medley (long and short course), and the 400-meter individual medley (short course).
  • Lochte has also earned the title World Swimmer of the Year Award  and the American Swimmer of the Year Award twice.
  • He has been recognised as the FINA Swimmer of the Year three times.
  • His success is built on 53 gold, 22 silver and 14 bronze medals, falling just one short of ninety. He has earned them sweating it in Olympics, Pan America and Pan Pacific championships.
  • His forte is backstroke and individual medley but he does freestyle and butterfly too.
  • He has been appreciated for his underwater kicking and for his superiority in short course too.
  • It was not a rare occasion when Ryan would be kicked out of his father’s class because of misbehaving. He would pull other people’s leg or make bubbles and hide on the other side of the pool.
  • Ryan was coached by both his mother and father since the age of 5.
  • His father Steve said, “I would send him to go shower when he was messing around. He spent more time in the showers than he did in the pool.” 
  • Ryan was never too serious about his swimming until he lost in the Junior Olympics. After facing failure in front of the world, Ryan said to himself,  ” ‘I’m sick of losing’. After that I trained hard and I never lost there again.”
  • Ryan has trained under coach Gregg Troy while he was in Florida and won several national and collegiate competitions.
  • He was titled NCAA Swimmer of the Year twice, won the NCAA championship seven times and All-Americans 24 times!
  • In 2006, Lochte won NCAA championship in all the individual events that he participated for. In his consistency, he also accomplished the same output in “U.S. Open”.
  • In 2004, the first time he qualified for Olympics, he did it in style, holding the second position to the champion Michael Phelp. 
  • He competed against the likes of Michael Phelps, Klete Keller, and Peter Vanderkaay. To Australia’s disappointment, Ryan won a gold in the 4 x 200m freestyle relay event.
  • In 2003, Forbes estimated Ryan to churn in $2.3 million from the endorsements from Speedo, Mutual of Omaha, Gillette, Gatorade, Procter and Gamble, Ralph Lauren, Nissan.
  • Ryan’s success and persona has put him on the cover of Vogue, Time, Men’s Health and Men’s Journal.
  • Seth McFarland did a parody of Lochte on Saturday Night Live, following which Ryan said that he is open to do a cameo for him.
  • In addition to being a swimmer, he appeared in the 30 Rock acting as an ‘exaggerated version of himself’ in the episode “Stride of Pride”. 
  • Lochte was also interested in appearing on the reality dance show “Dancing with the Stars”.
  • His public persona has fired up some unsympathetic memes on the internet.
  • He has developed a work-out video called “Lochte Hardcore” in association with his long-term trainer Matt DeLancey.
  • Ryan does a lot of charity work investing his time and money. One of the charities that he supports is The Mac Crutchfield Foundation.
  • Ryan is considerate of his fans because he can empathize with the disappointment of being ignored as he was, when he could not get an autograph from his idol when he was 10.
  • Given the chance to meet anyone in the world, Ryan would like to meet the President.
  • Lochte swam across the Hudson river with Pizza tied to his back to promote Combos Pizza.
  • He is a Lil Wayne know-all and even remembered the verse “My flow is art, unique. My flow can part the sea. The only thing on a mind of a shark is eat. By any means, and you’re just sardines.”
  • In the July, 2016 US trials he is neck-to-neck with Michael Philips but has a groin injury that could be a problem as dropped out of the 200 m backstroke. He has qualified to be on the US Olympic team though.
  • He is all hairless for the Rio Olympics and is leaner than before. After few bumps in his performance, he believes it is coming together. He feels like an underdog again he explained. All the more reason to be a champion.
  • He has three dogs Tike and Zeus are Rottweilers, and Spidy is a mixed chow.
  • His father realized that swimming is his support when Ryan accidentally slipped and fell into the pool; because when his tried to pull him out of the pool, Lochte started crying as he did not want to come out of the pool because he was floating and enjoying the water in the pool.
  • Ryan’s younger brother got arrested for selling Marijuana. He dropped out of University of Florida swimming team after practicing for 2 years.
  • He decided to win a gold medal in the Olympics when he was watching the 1992 Olympics and was awe-struck watching those Olympiads.
  • He told in his video My Journey that he was a sophomore in college when he went for his first Olympics and a newbie that people didn’t know until he started gaining speed and medals. He was someone after that. Someone the world recognized.
  • His success pushed him to train even harder and he would practice till the point he thought that his heart was gonna stop.
  • He trains for 30-35 hours a week (Swims 16k a day … 5 hours a day … 2 workouts a day, 7 days a week) and eats 8000-10,000 calories a day.
  • Ryan claims that Michael Phelp owes him $1000. Lochte claimed, “When he first said he retired after 2012, I went to him the next day and said, ‘I bet you $1,000 that you’re going to be back.”
  • During his visit to Levine Children’s Hospital, he suggested that the patients can prepare for Olympics starting with watching the videos of the competitions and races and visualizing themselves competing there and then mimic it in the pool. He himself still does that.
  • He has swam with the dolphins thrice and it makes him really happy.
  • He listens to Lil Wayne’s “Sky is the Limit” before swimming sometimes.
  • In the interview at the Seacrest studio, he told that he knows and has applied the 5 second (food) rule, may or may not tell if someone has got food in their teeth and that he has cut his own hair.
  • He has a dog and he usually sleeps in Ryan’s bed. He blames him for not making his bed in the morning.
  • His message to the kids was – “When Life gets you Down, keep swimming!”
  • Lochte has been on the cover of the Men’s Health magazine.
  • Ryan was photographed smoking Weed.
  • In an interview with the P&G’s “Raising an Olympian” series, Ryan said, “If it wasn’t for my mom, I don’t know where I’d be. If she had a tighter leash on me, I think I’d hate swimming.”
  • He has a friendly rivalry with Michael Phelps. They both want to dominate in the Olympics. When Lochte beat Phelps in the 200-meter freestyle trials. Phelps won the finals by a mere 1/500th second though.
  • Lochte said, “Once I was able to beat Michael, it gave me a motivation, an edge. I told myself, I can do this. Once I beat someone, they won’t beat me again.”
  • Ryan Lochte wears diamond encrusted grills on his teeth while receiving the medals on the podium. This had started as a dare which now has become Ryan’s custom. But he doesn’t religiously wear it every time.
  • He is one of the only four men that have appeared on the cover of the Vogue magazine. The NY Times was surged with his praises mentioning his “twinkling blue eyes, aquiline nose and dimpled smile.”
  • There is no denying that he is an Olympic beefcake but to confirm it further, he is coming up with a fitness video. 

Biodata Ryan Lochte Agama Biografi, Wife Profil Lengkap